The minimalist-style hotel offers a complete experience. The lobby becomes a meeting place to round off the day and ring in the evening and night. From the open offices, which meet the modern demands for flexibility and globalisation of the working world, to the industrial-style fitness room and the club, which sets the hearts of all music lovers beating, every aspect is reduced to its essentials. It’s not a place or a room. It’s more of a feeling.


The lobby is a meeting point for sportspeople and sport lovers, musicians and music lovers, and artists and art lovers. It is a true meeting place – for everyone!


As breakfast is generally regarded as the most important meal of the day, we offer an ample buffet with sweet and salty, and hot and cold dishes. Our breakfasts give you a great reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

Open Gym

The Open Gym offers everything you need for a full and varied workout. With modern functional training tools, a free weights area and coordination and stamina equipment, you can work out any way you wish. You can also work out without the need for any prior instruction. Hotel guests can work out free of charge